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Who we are

We are a Finnish high-tech company specializing in Additive Manufacturing or better known 3D Printing. Our key areas of expertise include 3D Printing Processes Technology Development, 3D Scanning, 3D Design and 3D Printing as well as consultation and training. We work with an extensive network of domestic and international partners, companies, educational institutes and research centers to ensure we are able to serve our customers with the highest quality as well as stay on top of the latest developments both in the 3D industry and research.

Our solution

Our business is based on two backbones. First, we offer businesses a comprehensive portfolio of 3D services including printing, scanning, modelling, designing, consultation and training. The service business is our current bread and butter, but in addition to it we develop 3D printing process technology and that is what we are now taking to the next level. 3D bioprinting is our passion playing an important role in our future vision, hence we are combining our existing production know-how to our partners' comprehensive and globally recognized expertise in medicine, biology and 3D bioprinting and are developing our own 3D bioprinter and bioprinting process for medical and pharmaceutical industry as well as healthcare. Our solution is a modular and cost efficient desktop platform of which ultimate goal is to be approved for clinical use.


3D bioprinting is a developing technology, therefore in the first phases our solution benefits the medical research and pharmaceutical industry in form of efficient working tool and method. In the later phases also hospitals, other healthcare providers and most of all patients will benefit of it in form of faster, more cost-effective, personalized and patient friendly healthcare.

What we are looking for

We are interested in connecting with relevant parties who share our passion and vision of medical 3D bioprinting, such as healthcare professionals, research labs, scientists, pharmaceutical experts etc. Also, the first proto type of our printer is targeted to be ready by the end of Q1 2017 so we are looking for interested parties to participate a test pilot, preferably in the EEA. Since the first version of the device is aimed for medical research use we are primarily looking for research centers and pharmaceutical companies with an intention to start and build a long term partnership.

Contact information


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