Who we are

9Solutions is an Oulu-based manufacturer of modern healthcare safety and communication solutions for hospitals, home care and care homes. We are the market leader (ca. 25%)  in care home solutions.

Customer satisfaction has always been the driving guideline for our innovations. The basis for developing 9Solutions systems has been ease-of-use for the healthcare personnel and patients. The 9Solutions premium products are fully scalable according to customer needs.  Our top priority is to make sure that you are not left alone.

4.5 billion
Location updates monthly

10 000
Alarms daily

Happy healthcare customers

Our solution

9Solutions systems are developed  to improve productivity and safety of healthcare professionals, residents and patients. 

One system solves the safety and location information needs and avoids duplicate tasks

  • Location information of people and devices
  • Nurse call, assault alarm
  • Area control and automatic locking system
  • Operative situation snapshot

Smart access management and modern care phones remove up to 90% of unnecessary home visits

  • Nurse call
  • Tracking safety bracelet, smart exit monitoring
  • Smartphone application for professionals and relatives

Real-time locating system and intelligent exit management enable more time for the patient care

  • Location of the residents at room-level accuracy
  • Wireless tracking safety bracelets, fixed call buttons and pull cords
  • Advanced exit monitoring


For senior family members:
9Solutions systems help maintain independent, safe and active life for seniors and patients with decreased ability to function and care for themselves. Our smartphone application enables easy, real time information sharing by sending notifications and alarms to the mobile phones of the family members as well.

For healthcare professionals:
9Solutions systems enable health care professionals to focus on patient care by automating routine tasks and improving communication. All the members of the healthcare team are constantly aware of the events and incomplete tasks, which helps to target the work resources efficiently. Real-time location information enables quick assistance for both staff and the patients. Easy access to the location information of the people and devices will make it easier to deliver the right care at the right time. It also saves time and avoids duplicate tasks. System’s wired and wireless buttons enable nurse, assistance and staff attack calls everywhere within the premises.

Our solutions are easy to use, easy to deploy, easy to manage and they easily adapt to different customer requirements. Our all-in-one wireless, cloud based solution is easy to install and doesn’t rely on existing IT intra. Additionally, we offer 24/7 support for our solution.

What we are looking for

Over the years we have worked in a close co-operation with healthcare professionals to understand the needs better and to be able to develop and tailor our products accordingly. Currently we are looking for potential partners to improve the future healthcare with us.  

Team profiles

CEO - Sami Herrala
CFO - Katja Kuosmanen
R&D Manager - Jari Kylmänen
Operations Manager - Teemu Sivonen

Jari Tuokko (hospitals)
Carl Nysten (care homes)
Esko Piippo (care homes)
Mikael Lindell (home care)
Heidi Juntunen (Customer Success Manager)

Contact information


+358 20 752 9050


Teknologiantie 2, 90590 OULU, Finland

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