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Aalto University is a multidisciplinary university where science and art meet technology and business. Aalto has six schools with nearly 20 000 students and 4 500 employees, over 400 of whom are professors.

Health and wellbeing is an area of academic excellence and one of the university’s seven key research areas. Our health and wellbeing expertise includes medical and wellness devices, data science and software engineering for healthcare and wellbeing, biomaterials, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals. Our community of academic experts of health and wellbeing and its underlying technologies has come together to form Aalto Health Platform, via which we deepen and widen our joint work with our partners – including companies, both large and small. The platform supports our health and wellbeing research and facilitates the creation of business from our technologies.

The Health Capital Helsinki consortium is a strategically important innovation ecosystem for us. Working closely with our partners in it, we endeavor to ambitiously elevate the Helsinki capital region into a premier position within European research and business clusters in the health and wellbeing area.

Health studies

Aalto University offers significant educational programs in biomedical technologies, such as the Master's Program in Life Science Technologies. The program offers a multidisciplinary curriculum focusing on important aspects of current biomedical research, and with multiple majors to select from. The optional fields of specialization cover areas such as biological data analysis and modeling, advanced biomaterials and nanotechnologies, biomedical device technologies, and neuroscience.

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We welcome Aalto University’s external partners and interested new collaborators to contact the appropriate health and wellbeing professors and researchers or Markus Mäkelä, Executive in Residence and head of Aalto Health Platform via health(a)aalto.fi.

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