who we are

Abacus Diagnostica Oy is a Finnish molecular diagnostics company specialized in rapid molecular testing utilizing the patented GenomEra® -technology. Our company is located in the dynamic Science Park area with a strong focus in life sciences in the city of Turku at the Southwest coast of Finland. Abacus Diagnostica Oy was founded in 2004 by the inventors of the GenomEra® -technology at the Department of Biotechnology at the University of Turku. We are currently developing new technologies and expanding assay selection for the GenomEra® CDX assay platform, intended for the identification of infectious diseases like C. difficile, influenza, MRSA and other critical human pathogens and antibiotic resistance markers.

our solution

Abacus’ CE-IVD-marked, GenomEra® CDX -system consists of an automated analyser and disposable test chips. Disposables are very inexpensive to manufacture, which enables aggressive pricing with a high margin for rapid molecular testing. Our solutions enables routine molecular diagnostics without compromising the quality of results and move the molecular diagnostics to the next level of simplicity. Customers’ needs is our core value with every single step.


GenomEra CDX system has proven to be one of the fastest, easiest-to-use and the most cost-effective automated solution for molecular diagnostics (MDx) of infectious diseases. GenomEra is suitable also for small to mid-size customers without any prior experience in MDx.
What we are looking for : We are looking for international partners to enable molecular diagnostics around the globe. The partners can be distributors, investors or especially international companies to form strategic partnership.

team profiles

Our head count at the moment is 12. The key team has been building up the company from start-up to real IVD-company covering all areas from R&D to after sales. Board having collective over 100+ years of experience is supporting young and enthusiastic team.

Contact information

Erno Sundberg



+ 358 20 7188 380


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