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Who we are

Abomics Ltd is a company that specializes in translating genomics research into clinical practice. Our focus is on leveraging the new knowledge acquired from genomic information in order to increase the safety and efficacy of medical treatments. Abomics employs leading experts in the fields of medical genetics, genomics, molecular medicine, healthcare information technology and software development. Our company has a good track record in working with municipal health care authorities, hospital administration, genetic test laboratories and suppliers of electronic health record systems. Processing and interpreting genetic test results is highly knowledge-intensive work that requires a highly specialized skill set. Abomics provides solutions to help organizations tackle the challenges of applied genomics.

Our solution

Abomics PGx - Interpretation Service

Abomics PGx is a service that interprets the complex pharmacogenetic data and offers laboratories, clinicians and patients an easy access to reliable and highly updated pharmacogenetic information. Abomics PGx makes pre-emptive pharmacogenetic testing cost-effective. With pre-emptive testing personalized medicine becomes reality.

Abomics GeneRx - Pharmacogenetic Decision Support Database

Abomics GeneRx database has been developed in collaboration with health professionals to meet the rigorous demands of modern health care. The database includes information about genotypes that are associated with clinically relevant variation in drug responsiveness or drug-induced adverse effects. GeneRx contains only genetic tests that have scientifically proven value.

DLE – Drug Laboratory Effects Knowledge Base

The effect of drugs on laboratory tests can make interpretation of the test difficult, but Drug Laboratory Effects knowledge base offers an comprehensive solutions that brings financial and time savings to organizations. The DLE knowledge base is a product for hospitals and clinical laboratories. DLE is highly detailed and constantly up-to-date and it is developed by experts to experts. DLE is an unique product in Europe.


The future of personalized medicine is all about tailoring medical treatment according to an individual's personal genetic makeup. The genetic basis of variability in drug response is already a well-researched subject. However, its practical applications are few and far between. Applying pharmacogenetics into clinical practice requires a highly sophisticated and reliable decision support tool.

Pharmacogenomics has been shown to cut down health care costs and increase the effectiveness of medical treatments when used to full advantage. The activity of metabolic enzymes is the most important factor in individual drug response, right after drug interactions. Over 120 different drug substances have been found to be affected by the genetic variation in enzyme metabolic rates. Pharmacogenetic tests allow physicians to select the right drugs with the right dosage according to the patient's individual genotype.

What are we looking for

Currently we are looking for laboratories of all sizes to introduce Abomics PGx as their pharmacogenetic interpretation service. We want to provide the pharmacogenetic information as simple as possible to as many as possible, and we are looking forward to do this in collaboration with genetic test providers via Abomics PGx’s state-of-the-art reports.

We are also looking for potential partners, interested in reselling our databases in their local market. We are also interested in the latest news within the fields of genomic and precision medicine and in investments.

Team Profiles

Jari Forsström
Docent in Health Care Informatics
Specialist in Internal Medicine

Harri Keskinen
Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Oskari Huiskala
M.Sc. Technology


Contact information

Jari Forsström



+358 40 544 1809


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