Abomics Expanding into International Markets – Permedio Has Chosen Abomics to Produce Interpretation Service of Genetic Tests in Austria

Abomics Expanding into International Markets – Permedio Has Chosen Abomics to Produce Interpretation Service of Genetic Tests in Austria

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Abomics Expanding into International Markets

Permedio, an Austrian company providing genetic tests, has chosen Finnish Abomics Ltd as a
partner to interpret complex genetic data acquired with pharmacogenetic tests. The service is based
on Abomics’ pharmacogenetic decision support database, GeneRx. Abomics will deliver comprehensive
reports for laboratories and physicians on medicines that are affected by genetic variation. Tested patients
will also be able to access their genetic information with GeneAccount, a service for storing and utilizing
personal genetic information.

Abomics is implementing Permedio’s service in German language, and the project is an important opening to
German speaking health care markets. Abomics won the tendering process thanks to genomic expertise of
high quality and advanced ICT and mobile solutions. The service in Austria will begin in the fall of 2016.

Safer and More Efficient Medication with Genetic Information

Pharmacogenetics is the study of inherited genetic differences in drug metabolic pathways which can affect
individual responses to drugs, both in terms of therapeutic effects as well as adverse effects.
Pharmacogenetics focuses on a minor part of the human genome, and it does not differentiate e.g.
hereditary diseases. Pharmacogenetics enables physicians to prescribe the right medicine with the right
dose at the right time to the right patient, making personalized medicine a reality.

The use of pharmacogenetics in health care is rapidly increasing, and Austria’s population of 8 million people
provides a great basis for significant expansion of business in international markets during the upcoming
winter already. The first major contract for export of health care services to another EU country gives
Abomics an excellent basis for expanding to new countries and language areas.

Further Information:
CEO Jari Forsström, Abomics Ltd
+358 (0)40 544 1809, jari.forsstrom(a)abomics.fi

Permedio (www.permedio.at) is an Austrian laboratory company that provides genetic tests.

Abomics Ltd (www.abomics.fi/en) is a Finnish health technology company that provides healthcare professionals with new approaches
to personalized medicine. Abomics designs cutting-edge integrated decision support tools in collaboration with providers of EHR
systems and laboratory IT systems. All Abomics’ products have been designed to meet the extensive requirements of healthcare

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