Abomics seals a deal with International Clinical Research Centre

Abomics seals a deal with International Clinical Research Centre



It was a result of a well-established relationship and a common interest to further develop the co-operation regarding pharmacogenetic services. As Abomics has one of the leading technologies within pharmacogenetics, it was our pleasure to participate to the interpretation of the over 1 000 DNA samples drawn by the ICRC.

As ICRC is a new generation science and research center with modern approach on technologies and methods for effective individualized treatment of cardiovascular and neurological diseases, this cooperation was spot on our field.

Clinics such as the Mayo clinic in USA already collaborate closely with the ICRC and the centre has established a stable role in the global research and diagnostics work and studies.

The research center is located at Brno, the birth city of Gregor Johan Mendel, “the father of genetics”, himself. This has been a great foundation to strengthen the know-how locally. As we visited the city it was self-evident that genetic research and its value for the humankind is very much appreciated in this town. The visit itself was very inspiring and rewarding!

The ICRC has drawn DNA samples from more than a thousand individuals with a diagnosed heart condition. Each sampled case was at the time or is currently using a medication for the beforementioned condition.

Abomics and the ICRC have agreed that Abomics will be co-operating with the research center as a pilot in order to provide pharmacogenetics profiles for 250 of heart condition sample cases. The future prospects for joint collaboration also look very likely as the results have been established. From the interpretations received from Abomics, ICRC will draw conclusions of medical safety and efficancy of each sampled unit.

As Abomics has a very strong strategic view to expand its functions globally, one segment with high importance is research units and university laboratories. We rate this joint liaison with ICRC very important and we are looking forward to further collaboration with the centre in the future.

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