Who we are

We focus on developing innovative and exciting products for patients, the community and clinicians by revolutionizing how we treat long term health conditions.

We are a committed team with solid experience from healthcare (HUS, Mehiläinen, Mediverkko, GSK), ICT, and mobile communication (Nokia). We have serial entrepreneurs onboard from health and ICT sectors.

What we do

Our values are customer-driven, trustworthy and human-centered with a holistic view to people's everyday life. We seek to address some of the challenges in healthcare through mobile communication. We do this through our ActiveMEDI solution by enabling efficient communication for patient handover within hospitals, care homes and in the community.

Our solution

ActiveMEDI® is an eHealth solution to both caretakers, care organizers and patients, and it contains the following modules:

  • MedID Smart gadgets enable an efficient communication towards care parties and automatically keep medical, care-related information and emergency contacts up-to-date for any organization in duty of care.
  • Care-Circle: Securely and reliably collaborate between wards and follow-up patient condition with direct communication with relevant parties via the same MedID channel.

What we are looking for

We are looking for new global partners.

Contact information


www.activemedi.com/ www.solarch.fi/

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