who we are

ADESANTE is a virtual reality company that sells imaging data processing services to hospitals worldwide.

what we do

ADESANTE COS is a unique service that produces holograms out of the existing patient imaging data i.e. computer tomography, MRI, PET and 3d echo.

our solution

ADESANTE COS service package consist of software, hardware and continuous online service. VR models are used for surgical operation planning, practicing and remote collaboration.


With ADESANTE COS, doctors can see the actual patient data as a virtual reality hologram making it possible to prepare and practice surgical operation. The collaboration tool allows groups to work in a virtual reality environment over the Internet in any location.

Clinical virtual reality modelling gives a holographic view of the patient based on available medical images, which enables doctors and surgeons to see the big picture of patient imaging data and can give critical knowledge of the problems of underlying structures.

Virtual planning and practicing of a surgical operation shortens the operation lead time by 40 %. Doctors get a better view of patients’ situation.

what we are looking for

We are looking for contacts in medical services and diagnostics equipment suppliers, potential investors, partners and interested media contacts.

team profiles

Pasi Porramo, CEO
Sales channel development and company management. Long experience in software service development and running software companies.

Joel Holmén, Medical Advisor, Legal and R&D
Medical doctor. Medical advisor with knowledge and experience in virtual reality uses in healthcare. Implementation of latest research, service development and how to assure doctors on the uses of virtual reality in healthcare.

Markus Jokela, BSc Eng, Technical manager
Specialization in visualization and technical development. Strong Experience in developing virtual reality projects and game technologies.

Sami Tammio, BSc Business Administration, Sales Manager
B2B sales over 15 years.

Petteri Joenpolvi, Senior director, Life Sciences and marketing
30 year experience in Health care business, 17 year experience in International healthcare business. Several years of experience in healthcare software lead. Deep understanding of both Direct sales organizations and Distributor sales channels.

Denis Kouzminskey, Program architect, Technical developer and programmer

Shareef Abou Askar, 3D Graphics Artist / Animator / Graphic Designer, UAE specialist

Teppo Lainio, MSc Eng, Senior advisor in business development
Serial entrepreneur and long experience in international SME operations.

Tom Palenius, Senior Advisor, Turku Science Park - Life Science Center

Contact information

Mr. Pasi Porramo

Managing Director


+358 44 3406748


Hämeen valtatie 144, 20540 Turku, FINLAND

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