Who we are

Admescope Ltd is a privately owned Finnish company founded in 2011. Straight from the beginning, Admescope’s growth has been exponential and today Admescope is managed by a team with a strong background in CRO business.

The team consists of chemists, biochemists, pharmacologists and technicians, all with long experience and strong expertise in ADME-studies. Admescope serves customers in 20 different countries on four continents, having planned and conducted a high number of ADME-related studies to biotech and big pharma companies.

Our continuous service development and ability to adapt customers’ in-house processes has a lot to do with our outstanding customer satisfaction rates. We are very proud of the fact that we have no customers that would have used our services only once. Performing beyond our customers’ needs and expectations is important to us therefore we invest a lot of time, money and effort into R&D.The aim of our R&D activities is to strengthen our position in the market and further improve our expertise and skill set, as well as being able provide even more innovative and efficient ways to conduct studies and produce top quality data for our customers.

Our solution

We carry out a wide range of studies in the field of ADME-Tox, with a top-notch knowledge in drug metabolism, drug-drug-interactions & quantitative bioanalysis. We are a true chameleon in the way we work as everything can be designed according to the customer’s needs and requirements.

All of the services include comprehensive study consulting, enabling us to create the most ideal study plan for your needs. The state-of-art data quality is ensured by optimizing the conditions according to the compounds instead of using generic protocols.

Customer’s in-house procedures can easily be adapted to deliver data produced previously in similar conditions. We can interpret the data for you and help to understand the real meaning of the numerical values and observations. By nailing data together from several studies we can reveal their combined information, in a more in depth manner than what each single study would tell.

The form and level of reporting can be optimized to meet your needs; from short and precise spreadsheet to full comprehensive report with recommendations for future studies.


Our customers, ranging from small biotechs to Big Pharma benefit from our highly specialized expertise in the ADME-tox domain. Our strong scientific competence and vast experience enable us to offer them highly tailored assays to make sure they can find answers to the exact questions they are facing. We can help our customers not only in performing the studies and providing results, but we can also offer our expertise in analyzing the results and recommending the way forward with the researched compound.

What we are looking for

We are looking to expand our business globally, and to this end we welcome media and partnering contacts, as well as naturally all contacts from companies working with compounds in drug discovery / pre-clinical phase. We are currently not actively seeking investment, as our growth is revenue-based.

Team Profiles

Dr. Ari Tolonen
CEO & Senior Scientist Metabolism
Dr. Ari Tolonen is the head of ADME CRO laboratory, with a top expertise in drug metabolism, drug-drug-interactions, metabolite identification & profiling, and quantitative bioanalysis. He has planned & directed over 1000 ADME studies and contributed to >50 peer reviewed scientific papers, review articles & book chapters.


Dr. Juho Hokkanen
COO & Senior Scientist Bioanalysis
Dr. Juho Hokkanen has a long experience in CRO-business, with a special expertise in drug metabolism, drug-drug interactions and quantitative bioanalysis. He has contributed to >10 peer reviewed original scientific papers in the field of drug metabolism, quantitative bioanalysis, LC/MS techniques and natural product analysis.


Dr. Aki Heikkinen
Senior Scientist Drug-Drug Interactions and PBPK
Dr. Aki Heikkinen has worked as a Roche Postdoc Fellow and gained several years of experience in drug research in academic settings. His expertise lies in in vitro to in vivo extrapolation, physiologically based pharmacokinetic modelling (PBPK), and transporter and metabolism based drug-drug interactions (DDI).



Dr. Sanna-Mari Aatsinki
Senior Scientist Drug-Drug Interactions
Currently on maternity leave. Dr. Sanna-Mari Aatsinki has several years of experience in research related to regulation of drug-metabolizing CYP enzymes as well as hepatic cell signaling pathways. Her expertise lies within various cell-based assays and mRNA analysis techniques.


Dr. Janne Mannila
Senior Scientist Permeability and in vivo DMPK
Dr. Janne Mannila has an extensive knowledge in the field of in vivo and in vitro pharmacokinetics as well as preclinical formulation design and permeability studies. Janne has contributed to >15 peer reviewed research papers, book chapters and international patents.


Dr. Minna Komu
Senior Scientist in vitro Toxicology
Dr. Minna Komu’s scientific background is in different research groups in Finland and USA. She has contributed to many peer reviewed scientific research and review articles. Minna's expertise lies in various cell-based assays, organ culture, mRNA analysis techniques and in vivo work.


Contact information

Dr. Ari Tolonen



+358 (0) 207 429 970


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