Who we are

Adusso is a company that provides usability testing for healthcare information systems and medical devices. We have developed the UXblackbox, a device that is attached to the user’s computer and which records the user’s screen, mouse movements, clicks, and keyboard strokes. A dedicated feedback console allows errors in the system to be flagged. Optional features such as visual and audio recording of the user can also be recorded. The data received from the UXblackbox can be used to find issues in software and operating systems that are used in healthcare, thus making it considerably easier to fix these issues. Our mission is to improve the quality of the digital tools used by healthcare professionals by improving their usability, allowing the healthcare professionals to focus on the necessary.

Our solution

Adusso provides a solution to improve the operations and systems used in healthcare facilities by improving the usability of these systems. Our tool, UXblackbox, monitors the systems in real context of use and then provides useful data to identify and fix issues with the operations and systems, making the work at hospitals and medical clinics more efficient.


  • Evidence-based usability analysis based on video reporting
  • Communicates user feedback with ease
  • Plug & Play solution
  • Resolves the most critical flaws first
  • Get quick return on investment by improved efficiency

What we are looking for

  • Customers: EHR projects and vendors
  • Partners & research groups: R&D initiatives
  • Investors & media: new market opportunities

Contact information

Janne Pitkänen



+358 50 4014975


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