Who we are

Ainovia is a Finnish company with international exposure doing Research and Innovation (R&I), Technology Transfer and Sustainable Healthcare / Energy / IT solutions. We are working on technology products and services which are based on the evaluation of the customer's functional capacity, user experience and needs together with other SMEs, corporate and academic institutions, research centers, and government authorities. Our Open Innovation joint research outcomes are monitored and reviewed and necessary changes are implemented to our products/services with the integration of sustainable and innovative technology solutions.

Our AINOVIA vision in relation to boosting the Finnish economy is mainly to be a leading Finnish / European company concentrated in five priority areas:

- Research and Innovation (R&I) to introduce innovative products and services in Healthcare, Energy and Education for Digital Solutions markets.

- Covering the improvement of Finnish SMEs' technology transfer and access to markets;

- Export of the Finnish Healthcare, Cleantech and Education products and services;

- Strengthening collaboration  between SMEs and Corporate stakeholders;

- OI2 - Crowd Funding Healthcare Platform 


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Our solution

Related to the following Elderly Population Immediate Challenges:

- Weak accessibility to non-integrated healthcare services

- There Is No One Stop Shop for Decision Making

- Healthcare Service escalating Costs

- Scarce of Healthcare self management Digital Solution 

a. Hospital Operational Optimization System  

b. NewAge Digi-Care

Our NewAge Digi-Care Digital Products are designed to guide senior adults and their families through the process of finding the right healthcare option with personalized health-respite care management.


- Healthcare Services Integration and Digitization (Finding Best, Near to Home and  Affordable Price Service Provider)

- Easy Access to Healthcare providers (Freedom of Choice)

- Localized and personalized healthcare Self Mgmt. (Senior Citizens Dignity and Independence)

What we are looking for

- Partnership with Healthcare Service Providers for Senior citizens

- Joint Collaboration for User Testing / Customer Validation

- Joint Product Prototype / Pilot

- Joint Intellectual Property Rights - IPR

- Co-Founders

- Accelerators, Angel Investors, Venture Capital, Crowdfunding

Team profiles

We are 3 co-founders

The competences of the key persons:

- Nader Nada:

PhD Information Technology, George Mason University, USA
Master of Computer Science, Minnesota State University, USA

Dr. Nader Nada has consulted and coached a wide variety of corporates and SMEs to empower these companies in their growth efforts and overcoming challenges towards successful commercialization of innovative product, service or business model. This goes hand in hand with assessing and strengthening of the company’s capabilities in positioning with changing requirements in the different life cycle stages. This includes aspects such as strategy, organization, management, financing and resource development added to areas of Creativity, Idea Generation and Management, Innovation Process, Design Thinking, Strategic Management, Business Development, Organizational Progress, Open Innovation, Cooperation and Networking.

- Babatunde Anafi:

Master of Science, Software, Systems and Services Development, Oulu University, Finland
BSc Engineering and Information Technology, Centria University, Finland


- Moshood Abdulwahab:

Master of Science, Process System Engineering, Aalto University, Finland
BSc Engineering, Chemical Technology, Central Ostrobothnia University, Finland

Experience in User Experience and Market Analysis, Chemical processes modelling, simulation and optimization (White and Black box), Process flow / instrumentation diagrams, Machine learning

Contact information

Nader Nada



+358 45 2125887


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