Who we are

Amber Life, a Finnish company headquartered in Helsinki, is the oldest, most experienced company providing professional services to arrange medical treatment in Finland, for clients from Russia and CIS countries.

Amber Life boasts a full range of individually tailored services in the arrangement of treatment in all fields of medicine in Finland. We provide services at all stages of the treatment plan, including choice of clinic, medical and other documentation, visa support, teleconsultation with doctors and specialists, as well as travel plans and arrangements. All our services are available in Russian.

Our successful track record in arranging treatment enables us to quickly find the best comprehensive solutions, also in very serious cases. We are able to do this through long-term partnerships concluded with leading clinics and hospitals in Finland. This is also reflected in our patented brand Leading Clinics and Hospitals of Finland. We are also ready to assume responsibility for all matters involved in preparing documents, obtaining visas and all other travel arrangements.

Our solution

We are pleased to offer you the following professional services:
• Choice of the best possible clinic or hospital based on the medical records and healthcare documents we are given.
• Preparation of a personal open, hospital/clinic or combined treatment plan
• Consultation and accompanying the patient at all stages of treatment, at reception, during surgery and rehabilitation
• Arrangement of teleconsulting with doctors and specialists
• Provision of a professional interpreter throughout the stay in Finland
• Translation of medical documents
• Help at the post-treatment/convalescence stage
• Visa support (preparing the official documentation required and fast-tracking the obtaining of visas)
• Visa extension where necessary at the place of treatment
• Help in obtaining travel tickets (flight tickets, train tickets) and in booking a hotel room
• Arrangement of transport services, picking up and dropping off clients at the airport or railway station
• Arrangement of recreational activities (trips, renting a holiday cottage, fishing, etc.)
• Provision of other VIP extra services


We aim to make your experience as worry-free as possible by providing fast, effective help for patients’ health problems at leading Finnish clinics, which we select on the basis of a carefully tailored treatment plan. Our professionals do everything possible to ensure your optimal, cost-effective treatment in Finland.

Amber Life guarantees the effectiveness, competence and high quality of the services it provides. Needless to say, all patient data, medical records and similar information is kept strictly confidential. Our company principles and high ethics mean hundreds of patients a year entrust their health to us. Amberlife is a partner you can trust in arranging medical treatment in Finland.

Contact information

Amber Life


+358 9 753 0550


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