Who we are

Auntie is a preventive, early stage digital help for everyday crises. Our end user is anyone dealing with a crisis, such as a teenage monsters at home, a nutcase ex, or a sinking love boat.

Auntie offers help that is easy to access, inexpensive and empowering. We are disrupting the mental health business with pride.

Our solution

AuntieSessions are digital assistance, providing help to your personal problems. Our concept solves the end user's problem of getting help early enough. On top of that, our concept also solves the problem of psychotherapists: for psychotherapists, we offer customers, the content of Auntie, and a digital tool to make their work more efficient.


We sell our service to organizations who have incentive to keep people mentally healthy and prevent their problems from growing bigger: insurance companies, occupational health care and public service providers.

Instead of sending people to expensive long term therapy sessions of two to three years, service providers can guide customers to Auntie's easy-access, short term service, in an early stage. By doing so, care providers will save money and have better results with patient recovery.

What we are looking for

We are looking for possible partners and investors with interest in better mental health and helping people.

team profiles

We have an extremely experienced team with wide expertise in all needed areas: marketing, psychotherapy, psychology, psychiatry, management, go-to-market planning and IT.

Contact information

Mervi Lamminen


+358 50 380 56 02


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