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Who we are

BC Platforms is a world leader in providing powerful genomic data management solutions to address some of the biggest healthcare challenges today by leveraging the convergence of genomics and information technologies. Founded in 1997, the company has a strong scientific heritage underpinned by 18 years of working in close collaboration with a network of leading researchers, developers, manufacturers and vendors. Our high performing genomic data management platform enables flexible data integration, secure analysis and interpretation of molecular and clinical information. BC Platforms’ vision is to revolutionize drug development and clinical decision-making to bring personalized medicines to patients. Our management team consists of industry leaders with over 90 years of combined experience in life sciences, computational biology and industrial technology. We currently provide solutions to over 50 leading international institutions in 18 countries including top-tier academic and hospital research groups, major pharmaceutical and agricultural companies.

Our solution

We offer data management and analysis software solutions integrating and analyzing large amounts of genomic data together with sample data, clinical data and other data sources such as reference data banks. We have built workflows that help turn the data into meaningful knowledge, providing an environment where professionals can find their answers and reach conclusions more easily.


Our system is modular, flexible and scalable, so it can be tailored to the customer’s needs. We are working with small, focused clinical research laboratories as well as large cohort projects handling massive amounts of NGS data.
We have a strong scientific heritage tracing back to a breakthrough genome project with the MIT Whitehead Institute (Eric Lander) using Scandinavian patient cohorts. We have deep know-how covering all relevant technologies on how to integrate clinical data with genomics data generated by numerous instruments and devices. Our platform supports over 30 most commonly used analysis tools. The system also provides an application programming interface (API) for 3rd party software tools.
Our secure platform integrates genotype and NGS data, clinical and phenotype data, pedigree data, various biomarker and –omics data, as well as public databases in a single environment. It fulfils the needs of biobanks, healthcare and diagnostics, academic researchers and life science R&D.

Contact information

Anni Ahonen-Bishopp


+44 7900 154794


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