BC Platforms Participates in Horizon 2020 Programme

BC Platforms Participates in Horizon 2020 Programme


BC Platforms Participates in Horizon 2020 Programme

Designed to Facilitate Research to Prevent Sudden Cardiac Arrest

BC Platforms, a world leader in genomic data management and analysis solutions, today announces it has been selected as a SME partner for Horizon 2020 ESCAPE-NET Project, a European public-private Consortium, to build a clinical-genomic biobank of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) patients to facilitate research for SCA prevention. The program is looking to improve the survival of SCA patients as well as reducing related healthcare costs.

The ESCAPE-NET project is an ambitious 5 year project with 16 partners that aims to bring major breakthroughs in research by harmonizing and combining the largest existing European SCA databases and enabling collaborative research work on sudden cardiac arrest. The European Commission has provided approximately ten million Euro in funding to this project.

The platform will consist of:

  • a joint database containing Europe’s largest SCA population cohorts allowing the best utilization of the data with comprehensive ICT solutions for data sharing
  • a prediction model for SCA predisposition based on a range of criteria including inherited, acquired, and environmental risk factors and
  • an evidenced-based advice report describing the optimal first-response treatment strategy and associated infrastructure.

BC platforms’ primary role in this project is to deliver a data integration platform facilitating data availability queries and data analytics for ESCAPE-NET scientists in different countries. BC Platforms will also evaluate a commercialization model for keeping biobank active after the initial project funding ends.

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