BCB’s system chosen for comparative study of hospital quality

BCB’s system chosen for comparative study of hospital quality


BCB’s system chosen for comparative study of hospital quality

With the introduction of a joint quality registry system in all the nation’s hospital districts, Finland is creating a system for monitoring the quality of its national healthcare. On the basis of a tendering process, the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS) and KL-Kuntahankinnat chose BCB Medical as the supplier of the quality registries.

“The value of the purchase, covering a four-year contractual period, is 3.4 million euros for the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa alone. In addition to that, KL-Kuntahankinnat’s framework agreement concerning all the other hospital districts could significantly raise the total value of the purchase during the contractual period,” says BCB Medical’s Managing Director, Petteri Viljanen.

In recent years, BCB Medical has supplied more than 160 registries to different hospitals on the basis of competitive tendering.

“We have solid experience of quality registries and their integration with other hospital systems. We are proud to have been chosen as the national supplier of quality registry services and the information technology driver of quality comparisons,” stresses Viljanen.

BCB Medical’s quality and monitoring systems are designed for monitoring the effectiveness of treatment. They have been integrated into other patient systems and enable real-time treatment monitoring. The objective is to systematically develop the quality of treatment in specialist fields.

Quality comparisons as soon as next year
The current reform of Finland’s social and healthcare system transfers the responsibility for choosing a place of treatment to patients.

“There is a dire need for quality registries, as along with the social and healthcare reform, we will require continuous information on the effectiveness of treatment. We are quite pleased that we finally have consistent tools for compiling and comparing quality data,” says Lasse Lehtonen, HUS’s Chief Administrative Medical Officer.

National quality comparisons will start to become a reality in many specialist fields as early as next year.

“I am especially pleased with the national co-operation that we have been part of with other university hospital districts in the joint purchasing unit. We will now establish, together with other university hospitals and the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), a steering group in order to implement quality comparisons at the national level,” says Lehtonen.

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Petteri Viljanen
Managing Director, BCB Medical
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Lasse Lehtonen
Chief Administrative Medical Officer, Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa
+358 50 427 2468

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