Award winning Hospital Clothing for prematurely born babies and newborns

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who we are

A mother of a premature infant solved the problem of how to better involve parents in the caring of premature infants in the hospital. The fully opening garments allow parents to change their children becoming active in their care while in the hospital, even those children with IV-Cannulas and tubes.

what we do

Parent involvement in the care of their children is proven to improve the quality of care and life of infirmed infants; hence, happier, healthier, and more comfortable child as a lower cost of care.

Through innovative design and use of organic materials, the Beibamboo Hospital Collection has many benefits.  It has been endorsed by Nordic NICU specialists.

Contact information

Nina Ignatius

CEO, Founder


+358 40 8350500

Kivelänkatu 5-7 A 20, 00260 Helsinki, FINLAND

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