who we are

Bioretec Ltd. is a leading Finnish material technology company focused on the development, manufacturing and marketing of bioabsorbable, bioactive and drug-releasing surgical implants for orthopedic, trauma and sports medicine surgeries.

Bioretec has an experienced team of professionals and expert advisors. Long standing experience and know-how covers understanding of materials, product development and production processes.

Our solution

Bioretec’s products represent the fourth and fifth generation of bioabsorbable implants offering new and advanced properties. Our products include ActivaPin™, ActivaNail™, ActivaScrew™, ActivaScrew™ Cannulated and ActivaScrew™ Interference as well as CiproScrew™, the world’s first antibiotic releasing bioabsorbable fixation device.

The bioabsorbable Bioretec Activa implants have shown excellent results over the past 10 years. Implants maintain their strength and are safely absorbed in the body.



Orthopedic surgeons as well as trauma and sports medicine surgeons have used bioabsorbable fourth generation Bioretec Activa implants for the past 10 years.

Bioretec implants are unique as their total bioabsoption takes approximately 2 years, which is less than for other bioabsorbable products. Our products also save time and increases safety as they don't need to be removed with a second operation and they enable trouble free MR and x-ray imaging. 

Bioretec product also benefit patients directly by decreasing hospital stay and sick leave, decreasing suffering and reducing occurrence of infection.


what we are looking for

Bioretec is looking for distributors, surgeon contacts, partners, users, and investors.

Contact information

Tomi Numminen



+358 405812132


Hermiankatu 22, 33720 Tampere, FINLAND

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