Who we are

Bittium creates reliable, secure connectivity solutions as well as products and services for the measurement and monitoring of biosignals. Bittium has over 30 years of expertise in advanced radio communication technologies and biosignal processing. Bittium provides innovative products and customized solutions based on its product platforms and R&D services. Complementing its communications and connectivity solutions, Bittium offers proven information security solutions for mobile devices and portable computers.

Our solution

In its Medical Technologies product and services area Bittium provides among others Bittium Faros product family, focused on ECG recording and remote monitoring, Bittium NeurOne products focusing on measuring the electrical activity of the brain, and Bittium BrainStatus, a disposable quick EEG measuring headband used in emergency and intensive primary care to diagnose for example epileptic seizures and brain stroke, and other healthcare technology products. Bittium continues to develop these products further targeting to grow its product and service offering to healthcare and homecare markets.  

Bittium provides also high-quality R&D services for Healthcare and Medical sector. Our offering consists of complete, customized IoT solutions, including end-to-end development services and all components of the solution, such as monitoring devices with sensors and wireless radios, applications, cloud-based services, device management, and maintenance. Bittium’s ability to adapt to a customer’s processes and technologies ensures optimal solutions for time-to-market and expenses.

Bittium SafeMove® product portfolio consists of secure and easy-to-use remote access solutions and intelligent Analytics tool for monitoring and analyzing device and connectivity performance. SafeMove provides outstanding connection management with built-in security, leveraging mature Internet standards to let mobile care workers access an organization’s information systems regardless of time and place and ensuring the most positive, productive experience possible.

Bittium is certified by the following standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AQAP 2110 ed.3, and Medical Certificate ISO 13485.


  • Earlier detection of cardiac and neurological abnormalities = Preventive treatment
  • Faster patient discharge = Less hospital days
  • Earlier treatment path selection = Faster road to rehabilitation
  • Superior signal quality = Less time spent on diagnosis

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Ritaharjuntie 1, 90590 Oulu, Finland

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