who we are

Carecode was founded in 2014 and has developed an easy and secure communication solution for healthcare. Personal experience from working in hospitals has helped us understand healthcare and its needs. We want to make the lives of doctors, nurses and patients easier by enabling better communication. This allows better use of resources and health professionals can focus on actual patient care.

Our company unites people with strong expertise in medicine, technology and operating models. From this foundation, we’ve built a solution to some key challenges in healthcare. Carecode is working towards better functioning healthcare.

Our solution

Our service allows healthcare professionals to communicate with each other and their patients whenever and wherever. Effortless communication makes life easier for health professionals and patients.


Carecode is an organised and secure communication platform, where messages are easily directed to the right person. Communication is structured around patient cases. Messages are stored for as long as you need them, and you can add photos and other attachments for support.

Efficient communication frees time from unnecessary delays and waiting, so that health professionals have more time for patient care. Communication is structured in an organised way around patient cases. Open cases act as a to-do list for the user.

Users can communicate wherever and whenever. This decreases the need for health professionals to move between places. Some patients don’t need to come in for appointments, which shortens the queue in the waiting room.

Making communication effortless helps spread information between professionals and makes patient care easier. This prevents delays, miscommunication and complications.

what we are looking for

We are looking for new customers and partners in new markets. Our current customers use our solution in areas such as primary care, nursing homes, home care, rehabilitation, specialist services and occupational healthcare.

Team profiles

Magnus Tötterman (CEO). MD student. Experience: as physician, Health Tech AS, Susiluoto Attorneys-at-Law

Paul Tötterman (CTO). M.Sc. (Engineering). Experience: Google, ZenRobotics, Nokia, F-Secure

Recently hired three employees for sales and quality assurance.

Contact information



+358 40 712 2126


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