who we are

Carecode is on a mission to transform healthcare delivery through enabling better communication in healthcare organizations. The company was founded in 2014 by a team with medical and engineering backgrounds.

We sell our SaaS solution to large and medium-sized healthcare organisations like hospitals, healthcare companies, clinics and municipalities. Currently we serve around 15 healthcare organisations, getting 2-3 new customers each month. The market is changing fast - 9 out of 10 providers we talk to plan to adopt a modern telehealth service in the near future.

Our solution

The Carecode software allows doctors and nurses to communicate with each other and with their patients. Communication is done securely through messaging, photos, files and video appointments. We serve medium-sized and large healthcare organisations, who use our solution to improve their healthcare services. The Carecode software is exceptionally simple to implement because of our unique model for handling patient data.


Carecode is an easy way for doctors and nurses to collaborate with each other and to communicate with patients. Time is saved and there are less unnecessary delays. Patient data is communicated in a secure and organized way. Carecode is a smart way for healthcare organizations to offer better services to patients.

what we are looking for

We are looking for new customers and partners in new markets. Our current customers use our solution in areas such as primary care, nursing homes, home care, rehabilitation, specialist services and occupational healthcare.

Team profiles

Management team:

  • Ahti Mäkitie (CEO). M.Sc. (Engineering), MD student. Experience: Morgan Stanley, McKinsey & Company, and as physician
  • Paul Tötterman (CTO). M.Sc. (Engineering). Experience: Google, ZenRobotics, Nokia, F-Secure
  • Magnus Tötterman (Product). MD student. Experience: as physician, Health Tech AS, Susiluoto Attorneys-at-Law
  • Heikki Tarkkila (Operations). MD student. Experience: McKinsey & Company, brain research, and as physician
  • Recently hired two employees for sales development and quality assurance.

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