Who we are

Chasswheel Ltd. is a medical equipment company with experience in the traditional health care sector and the market for mobility aids. We have been a technical pioneer in the multifunctional wheelchair market, developing an innovative adapting flexible chassis solution and a stand support system.

The company was founded in 1995 and offers high Finnish quality – producing its wheelchairs in Siilinjärvi, Savo. In the past Chasswheel has focused on innovation but recently has re-aligned its activities towards commercialization, putting more effort into sales and marketing.

To summarize: we are bunch of crazy Finnish experts, who want to offer every wheelchair user the possibility for all-year-round mobility anywhere, anytime and in a healthy way.


Our solution

Our innovation is flexible chassis, which gives a wheelchair driver possibility to sit comfortably no matter where you drive. No shaking on cobblestones and overcome every obstacle, step and curb softly. 4-wheeldrive makes it possible to move freely outside the house surrounded by nature or to go shopping in winter time without worrying of getting stuck in snow or crossing doorsteps.


Every wheelchair user who wants to see go and experience things in life benefits from our solution. Our innovation brings life back for wheelchair user and decreases worrying about routes in cities and enables to feel and hear the sound of wind on the fields or forest. Now children can also join with friends to go on the beach without worrying to get stuck somewhere.

What we are looking for

Our ambition is to become Finland’s largest mobility aid designer and manufacturer. We are keen to discuss cooperation with potential investors or partners interested in joining our determined team. We would also be very interested to participate in research projects on the health effects of mobility aids (stand support systems or wheelchairs), accessibility and the possibility to add digital features, social apps or gaming to wheelchairs.

Team Profiles

Risto Heikkinen
CEO, Managing Director

Jouko Huovinen
Director Sales & Export

Tapani Vuorinen
Industry Expert

Ulla Santti
Director of Marketing & Change Management

Jonathan Hardy
Technical Specialist

Contact information

Risto Heikkinen

Managing Director


+358 207 559 031

www.chasswheel.com fourx.fi/

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