Who we are

Women Health Clinic Helena (Plastiikkakirurgia Helena Oy) is one of the most experienced providers of health and medical services for women in Finland.

Our solution

Helena Clinic presents innovative methods in breast cancer surgery and gynecology endoscopy operations, modern standards of exact diagnostics and cytostatic therapy.

The newest technology and great experience allows Clinic Helena to offer effective methods of deliverance from breast cancer and reconstruction after mastectomy.

• Breast cancer treatment
• Breast conserving surgery
• Reconstructive surgery after mastectomy
• Cytostatic and radiation therapy
• Gynecology
• all kinds of diagnostics
• endoscopic surgery
• plastic urogynaecology
• Infertility treatment
• Plastic and aesthetic surgery

Team profiles

The director of the clinic, Helena Puonti, is a very experienced and highly qualified plastic surgeon. Helena Puonti graduated as a plastic surgeon in 1998. She was granted the award “Excellent Cancer Doctor” by the cancer Society of Finland in 2002. She was awarded a medal of the City of Savonlinna as a Honored microsurgeon in 2010.
At the present time Helena Puonti is writing a dissertation on the recovery of sensation after breast reconstruction by microneurovascular TRAM-flap. The aim of this research is to increase sensation of a reconstructed breast, by connecting of peripheral nerves.

Contact information


+358 505 708 720


Kirkkokatu 7, 57100 Savonlinna, Finland

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