Combinostics uses AI to improve early diagnosis

Combinostics uses AI to improve early diagnosis


New Finnish technology is tapping into machine learning and artificial intelligence to support healthcare professionals in early diagnosis of neurological disorders

When a person is suspected of having a memory disorder, they undergo extensive tests ranging from brain scans to neurological examinations. It is then up to their physician to analyze the results. However, even an experienced doctor may struggle to arrive at an accurate diagnosis during the early stages of a disease.

“Today in healthcare, physicians are being overwhelmed with more and more data,” says Lennart Thurfjell, CEO of Combinostics. “Imaging data gets larger and larger in volume and there is new information all the time. We help to turn this data into insights.”

The company’s approach is divided into two parts. First, its brain image assessment tool automatically extracts various biomarkers (such as changes in brain atrophy) from brain scans. Then this information is combined with all other available clinical data to create a data profile of the patient, which is compared to a database of previously diagnosed patients. The result? A detailed analysis ascertaining which disease is most likely and how far it has progressed.


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