Who we are

Commit develops and sells proprietary software solutions for healthcare organisations. These include products for workflow, resource and quality management within radiological or surgical departments or any screening or follow-up program. Commit also distributes off-the-shelf products from selected partners to supplement its own solutions and expertise.

Commit products are increasingly sold also outside of Finland. The products support local requirements, for example Russian language. Commit develops software solutions for healthcare organisations according to ISO 13485 standard and all Commit products are CE marked and thus safe to use.


Our solution

Commit provides a comprehensive solution for screening of breast, cervical and colorectal cancer and also for retinopathy follow-up of diabetes patients. For example, approximately 90% of breast cancer screening in Finland is managed with the solution.

Commit; Screening is a workflow management software for public clinics or private companies responsible for diagnostics and follow-up in the screening process. The solution automates information flow in all phases of the screening cycle.

Functionality covers the complete process, ranging from participant enrollment, call/recall, making the examination, storing examination results, informing of results, managing additional examinations, creating statistics, and starting all over again. The solution integrates seamlessly to existing IT systems and equipment.

Commit; RIS (Radiology Information System) is a production controlling system made for healthcare imaging units. Commit; RIS ensures the automation of the everyday procedures that the medical protocol specifies and provides its services through a friendly and easy-to-manage graphical user interface. It offers not only scheduling, registration, technologist and radiologist workflows but also reporting and statistics.


Commit products increase quality of operations by replacing paper processes with highly integrated electronic workflows. Streamlining processes enables healthcare service providers increase throughput and response times with existing resources.

Contact information


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