who we are

Convergentia Ltd is a pioneer design house with strong expertise in digital prototyping, simulation-aided design solutions and creative development. Companies all around the world trust our high standard antenna, EMC, mechanics, and thermal design solutions in their device optimization.

our solution

Convergentia simulation-aided design services offer a powerful replacement for endless prototyping. With us you will find the optimal solution to your design challenge.

Product development processes traditionally are highly labour-intensive, time consuming and costly. To find the optimal design solution several prototype rounds are needed, which results in product launch postponements and high costs.

You can tackle these challenges with Convergentia’s simulation-aided design solutions. Our accurate simulations and early phase engineering enable the product characteristics to be understood and challenges overcome before a single prototype is manufactured. We can evaluate several design alternatives easily and visualize the final product already in an early stage of the R&D process. Thus, top quality will be obtained already from the first prototype onwards.

Convergentia’s experienced and internationally recognized team of experts has experience of a multitude of projects in antenna, EMC, mechanics, and thermal design, and have helped customers worldwide to prove their concepts and ideas, and find the full potential of their products.


With the help of our expertise and knowhow you can find the optimal design solution without extensive prototype rounds, which means significant savings in terms of time and workload. Time to market becomes faster and more predictable. Since resources are being saved the R&D process becomes more environmentally friendly as well.

Share your idea with us – we will bring our insight into the performance of your product.

what we are looking for

We are looking for device manufacturers and other potential customers globally.

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Tua Takkinen

Sales and Marketing Manager




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