Cuckoo Workout gets you off the chair

Cuckoo Workout gets you off the chair


All work and no play makes all of us dull. Cuckoo Workout boosts wellbeing and thus productivity by encouraging office workers to (literally) shake up their day a little.

Cuckoo Workout gets you off the chair

Excess is never good. Not even when it comes to something as harmless-sounding as sitting in a chair.

“There’s plenty of evidence to show that sitting too much without changing position, moving and stretching is detrimental to health,” says Veera Lehmonen, CEO and co-founder of Cuckoo Workout. “I think the dangers are often overlooked, and it’s definitely something we should talk about much more than we do now.”

Lehmonen noticed this in her very first sit-down job four years ago, interning as an events assistant in an office. She, together with another intern Ida Mänty, realised that their energy levels started to plummet after a few hours behind the desk.

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