Who we are

DBC Solutions is a small company founded in Finland. Through the past 20 years of servicing the international physiotherapy industry DBC has succeeded while keeping the development and manufacturing of products and services locally in Finland. The core team of DBC Solutions is made up of a small group of professionals based in Finland managing and coordinating the day-to-day operations, but having an international influence on patients around the world. The DBC treatment concept and clinic network has grown internationally, influencing the treatment of Musculoskeletal disorders for patients, physios, doctors and payers alike. As service providers DBC clinics have become the trusted partner for many professional athletes, professional sports teams, insurance providers and treatment providers.

Our solution

DBC Solutions provides a complete platform for the modern musculoskeletal (MSK) treatment clinic in order to deliver active rehabilitation treatment for the Back, Neck, Shoulder and Knee. The products and services are focused around supporting a set of physiotherapy treatment concept protocols; these are protocols that have been designed to utilise the most scientifically supported elements required to successfully treat the most common of MSK disorders seen in the population today, such as lower back pain. The clinical expertise that DBC possesses allows not only for treatment of the most prolific of MSK disorders but also the rarest fringe cases have seen success through the application of DBC treatment concepts.

The evidence based treatment concepts are the core of the DBC products, with all of the products, services and technology in place to support the delivery of these treatment concepts; and to deliver significant, long-lasting treatment outcomes to the patient. Over the past 20 years of treatment DBC has built up a database of over 115 000 patient treatment outcomes resulting in 88% of patients seeing a positive improvement in the MSK disorder.

The DBC product and service offering includes:

  • The DBC Active Treatment Protocols with the integrated Cognitive Behavioural Approach
  • Education and Training on the evidence based treatment approach
  • Purpose built clinical evaluation and training devices for the safe and structured delivery of active training in both one-on-one and group training sessions
  • Documentation and Quality Assurance reporting, supported and integrated with the DBC Solutions treatment database
  • DBC Clinical treatment software for documentation of the entire treatment process
  • The DBC Customer Relationship Management software to manage the patient process from appointment booking through to invoicing and billing
  • Integration into the international social media, marketing and clinical support networks


The goal for DBC Solutions is to provide clear benefit to all of those involved in the MSK treatment process. Several key groups have a stake in the treatment process and the health of one individual patient, and it is the opinion at DBC Solutions that all of these groups can effectively be addressed and see benefit in the DBC active treatment protocols and group training approaches. Stake holders include:

  • Patients – in the 20 years of DBC clinical treatment experience we have seen 88% of patients gaining success by going through the active treatment protocols
  • Physiotherapists and treatment providers – the intent of the DBC products is to give the treatment professional more time with more patients, assisting them in achieving successful and long-lasting treatment outcomes for their patients
  • Clinic operators – DBC helps the physiotherapist business owner to deliver streamlined group training, increasing business turn over while maintaining high quality assurance standards
  • Payers – whether it be the insurance provider, employer or patient paying for the treatment process, the conservative approach with the long-lasting outcomes provides better financial outcomes
  • Employers – the biggest cost to both employers and society is not the actual treatment cost of the individual but long term cost of unproductive workers, early retirement and long range health treatment costs associated with the chronic MSK patients – topics that can be addressed with an early and effective active treatment intervention

What we are looking for

DBC Solutions is looking to take contact with other professional groups that are involved with treatment and management of musculoskeletal disorders, this includes:

  • Insurance providers and Managed care companies – that are looking for sustainable solutions for the unbearable healthcare inflation rate
  • Hospital Groups – looking for proven evidence based treatment outcomes
  • Physiotherapy Groups – that are looking for scalable treatment volumes with excellent treatment outcomes
  • Business investors and partners – looking for investment opportunity in the global healthcare sector

Team profiles

The DBC Solutions core team has a wide range of experience in all different aspects of the business that effect the active treatment process that we have developed. Our core team of experts share a wealth of experience in medical research; clinical treatment; clinic ownership and management; national and international business management and consultation; and with physiotherapist education and training.

Contact information

Greg Steele

Head of International Relations


+358 45 677 6255


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