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Who we are

Dental Mammoth Ltd. is a Finnish content producer, publishing company and healthcare knowledge provider. We have a history of 20 years and we concentrate on oral health. Our products are a comprehensive Online Service with multiple databases, e.g. dental, medical and drug databases and a unique book and eBook. The number of content producers for Dental Mammoth Online Service is over 400 top professionals.

Our solution

Dental professionals work often alone and under time pressure. They have to find reliable information fast and from one source. What they are looking for is connected to diagnosis, treatment options, dosage of medication, checking the correct procedures etc.

Dental Mammoth helps dental professionals in finding the relevant information fast. Our products are a comprehensive Online Service (portal) with multiple databases, e.g. dental, medical and drug databases (25,000 articles) and a unique book and eBook. The combination of Dental Mammoth databases and other functions – like a dental search engine – is a very unique one. Saving time and avoiding mistakes can be seen on the bottom line. There is a direct correlation with the financial result.

The customers of Dental Mammoth are clinicians and oral health students worldwide. We also provide our services to universities and dental colleges, dental companies and organizations and EHR vendors.


Dental Mammoth improves the level of oral health and its education globally. The universal need for such a service arises from the situation at the point of care. Reliable information has to be found fast – preferably from a single source.

The idea of a portal is to gather so much data and knowledge to one place that it helps considerably clinician’s work or studying. When you find relevant and reliable information fast from one place the result is: more efficiency, time saving, less mistakes, improved profitability. At the same time we achieve the ultimate objective: the level of oral health and clinical work improves, globally.

For dental companies the Dental Mammoth Online Service (portal) means marketing potential:
• You can easily reach the right target group
• You reach them at the right time when they are actively looking for information
• You reach them in a trusted environment

What we are looking for

First, investor partners to accelerate our growth. Our products are ready but we need to invest more in global sales organization.

Second, affiliates. People, companies and organizations that are willing to promote our products and get a compensation for that.

Third, customers, e.g. universities, dental colleges and dental clinic chains that can benefit from our products.

Contact information

Heikki Autti

CEO, Publisher


+358 20 758 9890

Kylänvanhimmantie 29, 00640 Helsinki, Finland

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