Desentum raises EUR 2.3 million to test allergy vaccine

Desentum raises EUR 2.3 million to test allergy vaccine


For the past 10 years, the research groups in VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and University of Eastern Finland have studied interactions between allergens and IgE antibodies and made ground-breaking discoveries about the mechanism of allergic reaction. Based on these discoveries Desentum – a spin-off from VTT – has developed novel immunotherapeutic hypoallergens, also known as allergy vaccines.

The company aims for significant improvements on currently available allergen immunotherapy by making it faster, safer and easier. In cell-based tests, the lead vaccine candidate, rBet v 1 dm hypoallergen targeting birch pollen allergy, has induced 100 times less histamine release compared to a natural allergen. This suggests significantly reduced allergenicity. In allergic mice, rBet v 1 dm has induced immunological response typical to desensitization.


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