Better health with genome information

Who we are

DiagFactor Oy - digital Genome Health Service House - provides genetic counselling, medical education &  business consulting services.

Our solution

DiagFactor empowers people to improve their own health by effective use of genomic information.

DiagFactor provides the first Finnish digital genetic counselling communication & wellbeing platforms for consumers, rare disease patients and cancer patients, respectively. We have data-protected chatting and video call technology. Thus, we help people to order a relevant gene test, and understand & transform their gene test results into personal wellbeing & health decisions. 

In addition, genomic health education services are offered to pharma companies to help physicians understand and make use of patients' genomic data in their relevant healthcare decisions, concerning diagnostics and treatment.

Moreover, in near future, commercial DNA-extraction and PCR-genotyping  services will be offered to academic research groups and global Dx/Pharma/CRO companies analysing e.g. biobank samples and validating correlative cancer biomarkers in clinical studies in collaboration with Woble Genomics Oy.


In the future, decisions regarding the prevention and treatment of diseases will be increasingly based on an individual’s genetic makeup. Our digital genetic counselling service point would enhance genomics every day routine use, benefiting directly both Finns and Finland’s healthcare services.

What we are looking for

We are looking for customers, partners & investors.

Team profiles

Business, genetics, sales, marketing and psychotherapy are covered.

Contact information

Merja Auvinen

Founder & CEO


+358 50 511 8406

Kivenlahdentie 7, 02320 Espoo, Finland

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