Who we are

Digifundus is a leading provider of diabetic retinopathy monitoring services in Finland. The services are certified pursuant to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. Digifundus has been rendering diabetic retinopathy photography services since the year 2000.

Our solution

Digifundus offers a high-quality, affordable and effortless alternative for handling screening and monitoring services provided to diabetics’ diabetic retinopathy


  1. making appointments for screened patients and inviting them to the fundus photography session
  2. changing the appointment by telephone and over the internet
  3. administering dilating eye drops
  4. recording preliminary information
  5. carrying out digital fundus photography
  6. grading of the initial stage of fundus photographs
  7. providing ophthalmologist’s grading
  8. storing fundus photographs in the customer’s digital images archive
  9. sending referrals to the ophthalmology clinic
  10. delivering opinions to the patients
  11. integrating the opinions into the customer’s patient database
  12. maintaining an updated patient waiting lists
  13. reporting to the customer

Our diabetic retinopathy screening process is flexible for the customer. On the agreed dates our fundus photographer comes to the customer’s facility to carry out fundus photography for diabetic patients. We save and process patient information, photographs and medical opinions to our telemedicine system. When a photography session is finished, our pregraders carry out preliminary medical opinions pertaining to normal fundus photos and those displaying slight changes, and the remaining images are moved to an ophthalmologist for grading. The pregraders and ophthalmologists of Digifundus are specially trained for diabetic retinopathy screening and we create the patient follow-up plans according to grading standard in use. When grading is done, all results including examination data and patients’ medical opinions are digitally transferred to the customer’s picture archive system (PACS) and hospital information system (HIS). Also, the patients receive their screening results and next examination appointment by post. Finally, we give customers a clear view over the whole patient database, diabetes progress and effects of medical interventions via comprehensive and up-to-date reporting.


We take care of monitoring the services of over 100,000 patients yearly, with patient satisfaction of more than 98%. Our customer satisfaction is also top grade and we are described with following comments: “Co-operation has worked excellently”, “Package works fluently” and “Expertise, friendliness and functionality”.

We offer a high-quality, affordable, and effortless alternative for handling screening and monitoring services provided to diabetic retinopathy. Our service is easy and cost, as well as resource, saving to our customers. The objective of the diabetic retinopathy screening services provided by Digifundus is to detect the very first changes pointing to retinopathy, while the objective of the monitoring services is early identification of any changes in the fundus that could threaten vision, and referring the patient for treatment in time. The goal is to reduce visual impairment to the maximum extent possible, which has obvious significance in terms of national economy as well as quality of life.

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