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Digital Health Revolution

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Digital Health Revolution drives MyData transformation

Digital Health Revolution is a multidisciplinary project focusing on the scientific, economic, ethical, societal, legal and political aspects of personal health data in order to increase individuals' health capability, and to develop new services and health data related business. The project promotes human centric personal health data management and re-use of data through its MyData approach.

"Our national research consortium has been involved in defining the MyData principles and spreading the MyData understanding. We´ve constructed technical MyData architecture, explored business logics and opportunities, designed MyData based user interfaces and visualizations, familiarized with the new privacy related EU wide juridical requirements, and set up a completely novel health check-up pilot", says Director Maritta Perälä-Heape from Centre for Health and Technology, University of Oulu.

Fundamental revolution is needed to truly enhance the proactive, personalized health maintenance for the benefit of individuals, society and business. Therefore, project consortium collaborates closely with companies, organizations, ministries and policy makers.

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