Digital Health Revolution drives MyData transformation

Digital Health Revolution drives MyData transformation

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Digital Health Revolution drives MyData transformation

Digital Health Revolution project aims to find new ways to support individual in maintaining his/her health and well-being and at the same time to promote the transformation towards utilizing personal data in the healthcare business. The outcomes of the first period were presented in a seminar May 23rd in Helsinki.


"We´ve been involved in defining the MyData principles and spreading the MyData understanding. We´ve constructed technical MyData architecture, explored business logics and opportunities, designed MyData based user interfaces and visualizations, familiarized with the new privacy related EU wide juridical requirements, and set up completely novel health check-up pilot. And above all, we´ve collaborated with companies, organizations, ministries and policy makers", Maritta Perälä-Heape, Digital Health Revolution Coordinator summarized.

"There is a lot going on in Finland related to MyData development. It is the integration of different initiatives that makes the functional ecosystem. In that sense the holistic approach of Digital Health Revolution is very promising", Anssi Pulkkinen, Tekes´ Wellbeing and Health area Director said.

The cooperative perspective of Digital Health Revolution project was demonstrated by invited speakers Ilona Rönkkö, Project Manager, Health Services, City of Hämeenlinna and Tanja Lappi, Services and Customer Relations Manager, Heltti. They have both been in active cooperation with Digital Health Revolution consortium.

Rönkkö told about web portal which is used in the City of Hämeenlinna. This service package combines data provided by patients themselves with the public electronic patient record, and enables patients to self-evaluate the symptoms based on the combined data. ”Healthcare has long been based on closed data, and in the end, the amount of data provided by electronic patient record is scant. This pilot encourages us to see and develop options that take into account what we really know about peoples´ health. This kind of involvement is known also to improve patient´s commitment to the care”, Rönkkö said.

Heltti´s business concept is based on the fact that truly preventive approach is lacking from occupational health care. “We are launching a pilot to identify MyData parameters that could be used to predict burn out before it bursts. By identifying the risk in advance, we can offer remedial services in time and also save money”, Lappi said.  In addition to burn out risk identification, Heltti is interested to launch other type of preventive services as well. “We have benefited from the cooperation with Digital Health Revolution consortium as they have helped us to think and evaluate what the world will be like in five years”, Lappi concluded.

The Digital Health Revolution initiative is an ambitious, multidisciplinary research project funded by Tekes. The vision of  the initiative is that future health care will allow citizens to control and make use of his or her personal data. Digital Health Revolution aims to contribute to the change in the control of data in favor of the individual, explore health-related data from genomics to digital footprint, develop successful personal data movement across systems and services, create MyData ecosystem and promote the MyData based health business. Tekes has granted about 6,5 M € for research projects of this initiative.

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