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Who we are

Digital Workforce is the leading RPA (Robotic Process Automation) service company in the Nordics providing digital workers as a turnkey service. Digital workers will shape the world of work in healthcare and many other industries. Digital Workforce is based in Helsinki, Finland and Stockholm, Sweden.

our solution

Digital Workforce is a game changing RPA (robotic process automation) service that increases productivity. Digital Workforce frees up healthcare professionals’ time to work with patients in a non-invasive way, without any changes to the existing IT systems.

Our range of services include a Process Assessment and Benefit Analysis, which identifies and proves the potential of digital workers in your organization. With our Agile Implementation and Continuous Enhancement we make sure that your digital workers are trained to perform at their very best now and in the future. Digital Workers are available as on-premise or cloud-based service.


Digital Worker automates existing knowledge work related, rule- and role-based manual user tasks and processes. The operation cost is 1/10 of traditional IT projects, both in terms of time and money. Digital Workforce is your opportunity to be 10 times more efficient.

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Jukka Virkkunen



+358 50 670 47

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