Who we are

Diktamen is a privately owned company that provides its digital dictation and transcription workflow software platform as a service for the healthcare industry.

Our solution

Diktamen improves patient care with both desktop and mobile data input interfaces that enable physicians to dictate and use simple actions with natural speech to manage complex diagnostic workflows of Hospital Information Systems for secure and faultless real time patient document creation. We looked at the big picture of patient data production and as a result, we changed everything. We started by changing the way clinicians were able to record notes by pairing our desktop interface with our native mobile applications. We then changed the way the patient data is transcribed by giving device and location independence with the cloud. And lastly, we changed the way management oversees production of data by delivering more control over the workflow and resources.


  • Healthcare organizations are able to streamline the production of patient data while saving time and money
  • Data entered directly into hospital information systems
  • Manage their resources more efficiently
  • Healthcare professionals are able to put of their time towards patient care rather than paperwork.
  • The patients are the major beneficiaries of our software as they are getting more accurate and up-to-date records sooner than ever before.

What we are looking for

Diktamen is looking to grow internationally and would be interested in finding partners and investors to help with networking, sales, marketing, and service delivery. Additionally, we are looking for potential clients in new markets across the globe.

Contact information

Brandon Banda



+358 45 8938 198


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