Discover innovative Finnish companies at WHINN

Discover innovative Finnish companies at WHINN

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Finland is a highly innovative technology superpower, ranked among the three strongest healthtech economies, and with the most efficient healthcare system in the world. Currently Finland is undertaking a unique integration of healthcare and social care data which will create a leading electronic health record system in terms of quality management, decision support, analytics, and predictive healthcare.

Thanks to decades of investment in health-related education, research and research infrastructures, Finland has produced many cutting-edge solutions, for example in the treatment of cancer and brain diseases, orthopedics, genetics, diagnostics, non-invasive measurements, imaging, patient monitoring, digital health, wearables, senior care and hospital IT. Finnish innovations and products are already used by many leading hospitals and other health care organisations in Europe and beyond.

Digital solutions in action

The digital solutions developed by Finnish companies improve care quality, patient safety and process efficiency. For example, Duodecim’s clinical decision support system is integrated with the Epic EHR system used by Apotti, a consortium of 4 municipalities and HUS, which is the largest hospital district in Finland.

Turku University Hospital in Finland has deployed the Medanets Mobile Point-of-Care Application for improved data processing. Some hospital units have saved more than 120 hours per month by eliminating double entries.

The County of Kainuu in Finland is pioneering the use of Tieto’s Lifecare healthcare information system in integrated primary and secondary care. The Lifecare solution enables an unbroken care chain with seamlessly shared information: the right information at the right time ensures the best possible care.

Better communications in multiple contexts

Etelä-Savo Hospital District in Finland started using Secapp’s secure communications and management system in Spring 2016. “The most important benefits from Secapp have been reliable messaging to all channels (SMS, apps, email, voice and TETRA) and actually seeing who’s coming to hospital in case of emergency,” says Janne Kuusela, senior physician at the emergency care unit.

City of Helsinki has decreased the cost of home care visits with help of the VideoVisit® platform by 85%. In 2016, City of Helsinki made over 170,000 virtual home care visits to 600 clients and saved close to 7 M€. The results from a customer hospital in Finland using Buddy Healthcare’s app show a 50% reduction in no-shows and cancellations, 80% reduction in phone calls and a patient satisfaction rate of 4.8/5.

Peili Vision has succeeded in the world’s first remote therapy using virtual reality. The distance between the therapist and the patient was over 150km but they could see the exact same view in real time, despite the distance.

High-quality design and products
In September 2017, Odense University Hospital in Denmark purchased NewIcon’s smart medicine cabinet, which is the first of its kind in Denmark. Smart medicine cabinets allow for more efficient and safer pharmaceutical processes in hospitals.

Danish company RSP Systems has selected Innokas Medical to develop a prototype for GlucoBeam®, a non-invasive glucose monitoring device that has global market potential. The hospital project Nya Karolinska Sjukhuset Solna in Sweden is using LAMI GRP made by Muovilami, which specializes in the manufacturing of hygienic glass reinforced polyester doors.

The Children’s Hospital in Helsinki has selected the MEV Insulation Level Monitoring System developed by PPO-Elektroniikka, which has delivered over 30,000 systems since 1983. T-Balance overalls that keep surgery patients warm are already being used by 29 hospitals in Finland and three hospitals in Switzerland.

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Terhi Rasmussen, Finpro Denmark

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