who we are

Disior brings sophisticated engineering tools, 3D mechanical analysis and optimization, into medical area for clinical use. Our team brings together experts in engineering, mathematics, business, medical and biomechanics.

our solution

Disior software turns medical images into patient-specific mathematical models. This enables automatic analysis of fracture key parameters and optimization of fixing structures.

The product is a standalone, case-specific software for clinical use to define optimized, patient specific treatments. It runs on standard desktop PC, uses DICOM images and is independently operated by the doctor. The timeframe to run each case is short enough for clinical use: treatment decisions, pre-operative planning and rehabilitation process.

Current applications are wrist, ankle, orbital and maxillofacial fractures. The features include automated measurement, fracture detection, visualization for planning, and strength and durability modelling. The method, based on mathematical modelling, makes fracture data usable for both Artificial Intelligence and AR/VR applications. The software base is modular and re-usable, and can be easily scaled to different orthopedic areas.


Mathematical modelling allows reproducible analysis of fracture key parameters and behavior under body movement. It makes case data fully comparable to other cases and eliminates the measurer’s error.

The software enables the full use of 3D in studying and measuring fracture parameters. As mathematical model, the effects of movement, load and other external forces on fractured system can modelled and used in treatment optimization.

This enables better pre-operative planning and treatment outcome, shorter surgery times, less complications and lower re-operation rates. It also boosts the efficiency with hospital resources, allows streamlining of treatment processes, and levels up the quality of the treatment.

what we are looking for

We are currently piloting our software in leading clinics in Finland. We are looking for international pilot project with medical faculties, and public and private hospitals and clinics.

We are also looking for investors, preferably specialized in medical technology area, to join our next financing round in 2018.

team profiles

Anna-Maria Henell, CEO. Leader of advanced technologies and new technology introduction. 10+ years of turning innovations into working products and new technology commercialization. M.Sc. in Eng.

Sakari Soini, CTO. Creator of Nokia/Microsoft simulation systems with 15+ years of experience in mobile phone simulations, R&D processes and innovation with 10+ patents. M.Sc. in Eng.

Laura Lehmusto, CMO. Marketing and communications professional with 10+ years as Product Manager, and technology marketer. M.Sc. in Economics.

Risto Kontio, Medical Advisor. Maxillofacial Surgeon, Professor. Chief Physician at HUS. Microvascular facial reconstruction, 3D medical planning and modelling, tumor and reconstructive surgery.

Goncalo Barreto, Scientific Advisor. Postdoc at University of Helsinki and EHT Zurich. Research areas: osteoarthritis, innate immunology, biomaterials, novel intra-articular therapies. Ph.D. in Orthopedics.

Juha Tampio, Principal Developer, Algorithms. Computational methods and algorithms expert. Research background in developing numerical methods for complex problems. D.Sc. student with M.Sc. in Tech.

Arto Poutala, Principal Engineer, Optimizations. Boundary value problems expert. Research background in solving free boundary problems, modelling and optimization. D.Sc. student with M.Sc. in Tech.

Toni Paavola, Principal Developer, Software. Software developer. Experience in both entertainment and educational games development and educational technology. BBA in Information Technology.

Contact information

Anna-Maria Henell



+358 50 483 6433


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