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Who we are

The startup eMedi Innovations was founded in August 2015 by a multi-disciplined Finnish student group including students of medicine, engineering and law. Our core team consists of four committed co-founders with years of common history through work, studies and professional sports.

The population in western countries is ageing - and fast. The pressure on increases in healthcare expenditure is immense. To battle rising healthcare costs, we are building ICT solutions to promote transparency, competition and cost-savings in healthcare.

Our solution

Our aim is to bring together the brightest minds to solve the largest problems in healthcare. We began with the lack of price-transparency in healthcare. In just half a year and with minimal resources, we have brought price transparency to private healthcare in Finland with our web service http://laakarihinta.fi i.e. “Doctorprice”, for which we have received wide media and consumer recognition. The web-service is very scalable and will be launched in the Nordics early 2017.


Healthcare prices are non-transparent and unpredictable.

Our web service Lääkärihinta.fi i.e. "Doctorprice" enables the patient to compare prices on healthcare services. Additionally, we offer a comparable price estimate based on symptom or illness. Patients save both time and money by easily finding affordable healthcare services.

As customer acquisition for healthcare service providers is expensive (up to $200/new clients, Google Adwords, US), our service provides cost-efficient customer acquisition for competitive service providers.

What we are looking for

eMedi Innovations is looking for partners in transforming healthcare into a new customer-centric and transparent era. We always keep an eye out for talented individuals with a sense of purpose.

Team profiles

Kristian Ahlers, CEO & Co-Founder
Kristian became a partner in a €80m private healthcare chain and was promoted to the executive group within a year, even as he simultaneously conducted his medical degree with good grades.

He is an economist with excellent grades and was ranked in top 5% in advanced mathematics, for which he received a scholarship.

Kristian speaks 5 languages, is a paratrooper and sings in a rockband.

Taru Vainikainen, CIO & Founder
Taru is a severalfold Finnish national gold medalist in high jump. At the age of 17, she represented the Finnish adult national team.

Taru has taught software development in Aalto University before her graduation in Geoinformatics. She has received recognition for her innovative way of thinking and improving processes at Karttakeskus, where she worked as a junior consultant & specialist.

Alec Hellström, Growth Hacker & Co-Founder
Alec is a severalfold Finnish championship medalist in high jump & javelin.

After his track & field career, Alec has focused on medicine. He is part of the minority who begin their PhD as Bachelor. Alec authored his first article in the peer-reviewed Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology in January 2016, which has been cited in several articles.

Tuomas Järvensivu, CTO & Co-Founder
Tuomas has received recognition in various projects his worked in: In development of Maemo platform (Nokia), on my work for National Land Survey of Finland and from hobby projects in the demo scene.

One of his biggest achievements was acting as a cello soloist for Polytech Orchestra in performing Shostakovich first cello concerto in year 2012.

Contact information

Kristian Ahlers


+358 40 4811 189


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