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Who we are

Emfit develops and manufactures health technology products and is also an OEM-supplier of ferroelectret films and sensors.

What we do

We are a world-leading manufacturer of tonic-clonic nighttime seizure monitors for epilepsy patients and heart-beat-detection based bed occupancy monitors for care of the elderly. We are also largest supplier of ferro-electret electro-active polymer sensors and materials to industry. Our industrial customers are manufacturers, or system integrators, for a variety of equipment including paper machinery, sports equipment, music instruments, touch-sensitive human interfaces, security systems and smart building solutions.

What we are looking for

Distributors, resellers, VAR's, OEM customers and license partners.

Team profiles

We are twenty highly motivated, skilled and experienced professionals. We have a highly complementary set of skills including science, engineering, sales experience and entrepreneurship and we have a total of over 150 years of experience working together at Emfit. We are located in Finland, Germany, USA, Canada and China and many of us owners of the company.

Contact information

Emfit Ltd


Tel: +358 20 778 0870

Konttisentie 8 B, 40800 VAAJAKOSKI, FINLAND

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