Who we are

Entlab Ltd. is a Finnish privately held company, which was founded in 1982. We develop, manufacture, market and sell medical technology devices for diagnostics of ear, nose and throat diseases.

Currenlty, the company sells two of its key products globally; Ultramax A3 and Ultramax SinusUltra - ultrasound devices.

Our Solution

Our Ultramax product line utilizes ultrasound to provide a safer and cost effective alternative to the current methods (X-ray, CT-scan, MRI) of diagnosing sinusitis.


QUICK - No time consuming preparations necessary. Ready to use in a matter of seconds. Average examination time per sinus is 15-45 seconds.

SAFE - Painless and non-invasive examination. No exposure to ionizing radiation. Suitable for pregnant women and children.

EFFECTIVE - Reliability is 80-90% compared to irrigation. Significantly reduces unnecessary use of antibiotics. Cost effective, minimal operating costs.

Our products are portable, light weight and easy to use. They also help to reduce antibiotic resistance.

What we are looking for

We are currently looking for distributors in Europe, Middle East and Africa, who are interested in providing safer diagnosis alternatives and who value the importance of reducing antibiotic resistance.

Contact information

Elias Revonta

Head of Sales


+358 40 168 6766


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