Who we are

An expert network specialized in development of public health and environmental health care. EnviroVet provides high level know-how on public health care, especially food and drinking water safety, animal health and welfare, zoonotic diseases and administration.

Our solution

Our goal is to develop environmental health care as high-quality field of action. The purpose is to efficiently remove and prevent health hazards from our daily environment and to maintain health and welfare of people and animals. We do this by providing seminars and courses, importing international research information and practices to Finland, and providing clarifications, evaluations and expert statements. We work as an external auditor and have developed a totally new audit model to the public sector. Within official control sector we emphasize especially the quality, efficiency and conformance of actions in our audits.


Our combined knowledge and experience offers our clients both in public and private sector an efficient and qualified evaluation along with practical tools and solutions for developing the performance of organizations. An indicator-based audit is a costly-effective way to find out the strengths and weaknesses of a organization compared to others in the same field.

What we are looking for

We are looking for partners and experts to our network and for research cooperation.

Team profiles

Our experts are licentiates or doctors of veterinary medicine specialized in public health. They have worked in leading positions for years.

Contact information

Outi Lepistö

DVM, PhD, Specialist in Public Health Care


+358 45 895 7705


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