who we are

Euformatics is a Finnish biomedical software company that specializes in bioinformatics tools for genome data quality management and variant interpretation. Our ambition is to help medical doctors and molecular genetics laboratories in providing better precision medicine for cancer, common or rare disease diagnostics, through training and easy adoption of NGS technologies.

Our solution

Our omnomics family of software products addresses next generation sequencing workflow validation, data quality control, genome coverage analysis, and genomic variant interpretation and curation. The software products build on enterprise level IT solutions and databases ranging from small to very large.


The robustness of the omnomicsQ quality control management software provides the highest confidence in results that a molecular genetics diagnostic laboratory can deliver. The architecture of the omnomicsNGS genomic variant analysis software enables flexible adaptation and integration into larger clinical research or healthcare systems for maximally automated analysis and reporting purpose.

What we are looking for

Euformatics is looking for partnerships with companies offering products for next generation sequencing: diagnostic laboratories, reference material providers, external quality assessment providers, capture and sequencing kit providers.

Team profile

Our personnel has experience in the fields of biomedical software engineering, molecular data integration, computational biology, high throughput measurements, and molecular genetics. We design and develop graphical user interfaces, back-end databases, and visualization tools to minimize the threshold for users to adopt new methodologies. We reckon that our products will be an important building block in larger IT systems where data has to be computer readable from start to end, and transferable between organizations. Our products can therefore be operated as stand-alone or as integrated components.

Contact information

Allyana Thomas

Head of sales and marketing


+358 400 359 846


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