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Capitalise on scientific knowledge to improve employee well-being and organisational productivity

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Who we are

We are a private company providing our customers and partners with high-quality research services. Our expert solutions are based on solid scientific knowledge that can be effectively implemented on both strategic and operational level. We have been operating since 2013 and have serviced over 500 client organisations so far. Our clients and partners are multinational companies, health care providers, and insurance companies.

Our solution

We specialized in surveys focusing on wellbeing and coping at work, high-quality personnel surveys, and related specialist consultation services. The confidential EVALUA Sante® Health Risk Appraisal identifies health problems and work disability risks and helps in targeting health care interventions and well-being activities. We also offer our expertise in the interpretation of the aggregate results at group level, and give recommendations for further actions. Our customers utilize our advanced data systems as SaaS. Our services are available in multiple languages.


Healthy, motivated and engaged employees are productive at work. We provide effective research solutions to enhance vitality, well-being, health and motivation of the employees of our clients, which helps our corporate clients to improve labour productivity and subsequently profitability. Providing our services to their own clients provides a business opportunity to healthcare providers and insurance companies.

What we are looking for

We are looking for new partners like health service providers or insurance companies and clients like multinational corporations.

Team profiles

We are a group of experts with in-depth knowledge of medicine (epidemiology; occupational medicine; insurance medicine), organisational psychology, human resource management, information technology and logistics.

Contact information

Simo Taimela

Founder and CEO


+358 405 750 757


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