Fastest Growing High-Tech Sector in Finland

Fastest Growing High-Tech Sector in Finland

Digital Health

Fastest Growing High-Tech Sector in Finland

During the past few years health technology has become the fastest growing high-tech sector in Finland. This is highlighted by an unprecedented boom of health tech startups. Simultaneously Finland-based global companies maintain growth of their Finland-based development units – but on top of that, their role is to act as drivers for the whole industry too. As an example of this, GE Healthcare has made a considerable investment in strengthening their Digital Health innovation in Finland – and supported growth of small companies by establishing an Innovation Village in Helsinki, currently hosting more than 30 health tech startups.

A combination of expertise in medicine, technology and business is needed for health tech innovation. Finland has all three, and by building on this multidimensional alliance we can create solutions that make a difference for healthcare, simultaneously enabling solid business for small and large companies. It has been great to see how both public and private parties in Finland share the ambition of making great things happen. And this is not a project, but a persistent approach to building a competitive health tech ecosystem in Finland.

Digital Health is a strategic focus area for VTT as well. As a multi-technology research organization we look at health technology challenges from “silicon to cloud”: helping our customers in building scientifically sound technology solutions by combining expertise in the fields of sensing, connectivity and data analysis. This is our contribution to building an effective health tech ecosystem as part of Team Finland Health.

Petri Kalliokoski

Executive Vice President

Kari Kohtamäki

Key Account Manager

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