Who we are

Fastroi Ltd. are a Finnish software company providing mobile care management systems for the care, nursing and housing sectors. Our smart solutions enable care providers improve the quality of care by simplifying and automating their processes while recording every activity.

Our solution

At Fastroi, we remember that technology is just an enabler to doing a better job. Real-Time Care™ (RTC) is a comprehensive Care Management System that allows service providers to simplify care process while promoting genuine encounters between people in various care work environments. This promotes truly integrated care from care providers.

RTC helps to solve many of the problems that cause care service providers to perform badly during inspections. This has been recognised in research carried out in Finland where RTC was voted the most user friendly software in social welfare services. The idea is simple. Automate and simplify the processes and then record everything.

Real-Time CareTM is the market leader in the private home care sector in Finland, deployed at over 1000 private and public sector sites throughout Finland, with over 35,000 end users (2017).


Real-Time Care™ is a comprehensive care management system that changes the way we approach care. By allowing service managers to manage their staff and customers from an easy to use platform, they can quickly and easily adapt to new situations with flexibility.

From connected care plans to medicinal adherence, staff rostas and route planning, everything is online and stored in one secure location. This means that everyone has access to the most current information either on an office computer or a mobile device. Alerts and escalation protocols guarantee customer safety by recording every activity and input. Data required for inspections or regulatory compliance can be easily retrieved making audits and inspections significantly easier. 

With Real-Time Care™, our customers have achieved 25-30 % cost and time savings in their daily routines.

What we are looking for

Real-Time Care™ are going international and we are looking to grow our family in new markets. We are looking to cooperate with local partners who believe that health & social care could be done better. We value your local knowledge and as part of our cooperation we can provide extensive support services including localisation, training, server maintenance, help desk services, sales and project management.

Contact information

Risto Jalovaara



Tel: +358 50 60 357


Länsikatu 15 4 A, 80110 Joensuu

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