Who we are

FastROI Ltd. is a Finnish software company providing mobile enterprise resource planning (ERP) and client data systems for the care, nursing and housing sectors. Our smart solutions enable versatile data acquisition, storage, analysis and transfer between different IT systems.

Our solution

FastROI Real-Time Care® is a family of products for customer information, work planning and reporting systems for housing service units and home services in the social and healthcare sectors. All the products in our FastROI Real-Time Care® family are based on an intelligent and easy-to-use mobile ERP system which can be configured for all kinds of housing and home care environments.

FastROI Real-Time Care® is the market leader in the private home care sector in Finland, deployed at over 1000 private and public sector sites throughout Finland, with over 35,000 end users (2015).


FastROI Real-Time Care® mobile application shows employees all necessary information on upcoming service user visits for the day, and it also enables employees to document a visit directly into the system.

The system helps with the allocation of visits and it is easy to manage changes. The automatic allocation of visits (optimization) takes into account any individually assigned carers and the different skill requirements, as well as the time it takes to travel between locations, depending on the form of transport used.

With Real-Time Care® -solution, our customers have achieved 25-30 % cost and time savings in their daily routines.

What we are looking for

FastROI is looking for value-added partners for our FastROI Real-Time Care® family in export markets. In co-operation with local partners, our supporting services include localization, training, server maintenance, help desk services, sales and project management.

Contact information

Risto Jalovaara



Tel: +358 50 60 357


Länsikatu 15 4 A, 80110 Joensuu

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