Finland makes world’s largest investments in wellbeing

Finland makes world’s largest investments in wellbeing

Why Finland
Infrastructure and logistics

Finland makes world’s largest investments in wellbeing

When Finns’ access to health and education, along with infrastructure, are put together, this represents the biggest investments in wellbeing being made worldwide.

The news comes from global management consulting firm Boston Consulting Group, which tracked the relative wellbeing of 162 countries plus Hong Kong, for its annual Sustainable Economic Development Assessment.

The report seeks to provide world leaders with a perspective on how effectively countries convert wealth, as measured by income levels, into wellbeing.

Each country was assessed across three main pillars: investments, economics and sustainability. The first of these included the dimensions of health, education and infrastructure. Elsewhere, the economics pillar included income, economic stability and employment, and sustainability comprised income equality, civil society, governance and environment.

When all of these were tallied up, Finland was ranked third overall in the report, coming behind Norway and the Netherlands. Central African Republic, meanwhile, was at the other end of the scale.

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