Finland’s Advances in Digital Innovation Move EMRs to a New Level

Finland’s Advances in Digital Innovation Move EMRs to a New Level

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Apotti Ecosystem Sets a New Standard – Adding Value to Epic

Finland is building the world’s first healthcare information system integrating clinical data with social services and social determinants of health. This transformation towards a cohesive health and social care system will enable higher quality, more cost-effective care. Social integration of health encompasses a broad range of non-clinical services, that when layered on top of clinical data allows healthcare professionals a more complete snapshot of the patient and his/her life. Hence, child and senior care, social well-being (welfare), rehabilitation, home care, and services for the disabled and substance abuse will all now become a part of the care continuum and a more complete patient record.

Like the United States, Finland is facing a growing dependency ratio due to its ageing population, which creates major challenges in terms of health and social care provision and costs. Apotti, a consortium of four municipalities and the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa, is leading this new digital health revolution.  Epic Systems is the core platform, with over 125 Finnish digital health startups replacing some Epic modules and adding new functionality not currently found in Epic or other EMRs.  When Apotti goes live Q4, 2018, it will become an everyday tool empowering over 35,000 health and social care professionals to deliver care anywhere for a population of about 1.6 million people.

One of Apotti’s goals is to increase the utilization of self-care and electronic services as a way to address the challenges facing health and social care delivery. Companies in Apotti’s ecosystem are specifically developing solutions that can help contain rising healthcare costs, both in Finland and internationally.  “More important,” according to Jari Renko, Apotti’s Technology Director, “Apotti’s rapid data filtering and monitoring will improve decision-making and speed up processes. Having all the data in one system will give health and social care professionals more time to focus on the patient.”

The innovation ecosystem that is growing around Apotti’s Epic installation is already producing new technologies and solutions in quality management, decision support, analytics, and predictive healthcare. Finland has an established track record in developing medical and mobile technologies. It invented the wearables industry in 1976 and today Finnish companies are pioneering 5G wireless network technologies while advancing solutions in AR, VR, and machine learning all opened by IoT of healthcare.

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