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FinnHealth / Kuopio University Hospital (KUH) and Network

Our FinnHealth team provides a high quality health tourism-oriented service, where you and your health are at the center of attention. You will get certainty about your condition and its status and will receive flexible and high-quality treatment. We welcome you as our client.

FinnHealth is a health tourism service package offered by the Kuopio University Hospital (KUH) and its partners, aimed for clients from around the world. With us, you will find top expertise in various specialist fields of medicine. In addition to high-quality care, we also provide experiential tourism services.

Kuopio University Hospital (KUH) is one of Finland's five university hospitals.
We provide a high standard of clinical care, we carry out internationally respected research and train top experts for the Finnish health care system. We represent all medical specialties, who work closely in multidisciplinary cooperation. For example, epilepsy surgery and the treatment of especially severe burns have been nationally centralized to our hospital. We treat the most common national diseases in special top centers, such as Neuro Center, Heart Center and Cancer Center. In them, the various specializations strive to overcome the disease together.

Our entire hospital will be reformed over the next decade, by means of new builds and renovations. The basis of the reform is the new hospital that was introduced in the summer of 2015, where the hospital's core functions will be placed. This building covers an area of over 35 000 brm² and the construction costs are approximately 100 million euros. Our hospital's complex of 26 operating theatres and 50 recovery room places is one of the largest in Europe. In these new facilities, we will carry out 100 surgeries, 600 outpatient visits and 40 dialysis treatments daily. In the autumn of 2015, the new building for radiotherapy was also completed, where, for example, the radiotherapy unit, oncology outpatient clinic and infusion unit is located. The renovations of our old buildings is currently in progress. In spite of the scale of our operations, we operate in a compactly integrated area, where all our services are available quickly and flexibly if the situation so requires.

In addition to KUH, FinnHealth services are provided by Hammas Hohde, the City of Kuopio, Mehiläinen and the Finnish Brain Research and Rehabilitation Center Neuron. Accommodation services are offered by Kunnonpaikka, Original Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi and Tahko Spa. Finnish Care, FinnMedTravel, Helena Medical Group, MedFlight Finland and Tukikon act as patient coordinators.

As a part of the FinnHealth service,
•    We offer you excellence at an international level. You will have access to hundreds of specialists in medical specialties.
•    We use the latest technology in your care.
•    Our specialists responsible for your care have strong professionalism and experience of demanding treatments.
•    We carry out and utilize international scientific research in your care.
•    We provide treatment in accordance with high ethical values.
•    You can easily reach us by plane, by train or by car.
•    In Kuopio, you can expect good and easily attainable services as well as friendly people - you will feel welcomed.

Located at the coast of picturesque Lake Kallavesi, Kuopio is a welcoming and safe city of 112 000 inhabitants. The water bodies that cover a third of the city's surface area and the typical topographical variation of the region make Kuopio unique. Vibrant Kuopio offers tourists diverse opportunities for leisure, a rich variety of sports facilities, as well as high-quality welfare services, not forgetting about culture. 92 different nationalities live in the city that is accustomed to foreign guests. Kuopio is one of Finland's most popular tourist cities, which is largely thanks to the friendly residents of Kuopio.

Puijonlaaksontie 2
70210 KUOPIO


Contact person
Helena Länsimies
FinnHealth Manager, PhD
tel. +358 44 7179858

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