Finnish Addoz Oy’s intelligent pill dispenser as part of a study in the United States

Finnish Addoz Oy’s intelligent pill dispenser as part of a study in the United States


Results achieved with the dispenser in a clinical study performed at the University of Vermont, VT were well received.

Use of Med-O-Wheel intelligent pill dispenser significantly improved treatment results.

”Folks are dying, overdosing, contracting HIV and hepatitis on wait lists,” says Stacey Sigmon, a psychologist and researcher at the University of Vermont. (The article can be read in its entirety in the La Crosse Tribune).

The replacement therapy drug (a buprenorphine pill) used in the study is usually given under supervision of a doctor in e.g. outpatient clinics or jails for the treatment of opioid addiction. The waiting times for medical treatment can stretch out to months. Stacey Sigmon sought an answer to this problem and found a Finnish innovation – an electronic pill dispenser; the Med-O-Wheel that prevents misuse and enables medical treatment at home.

“We programmed the device to make each day’s dose only available in a three-hour period,” she said. Users had to see researchers regularly for pill counts and drug tests, and got daily phone calls to check on how they were doing.

In the study, the Addoz pill dispenser was given to people not yet participating in treatment programs but waiting to be admitted to them. The results were extremely encouraging. 50 patients participated in the study. Out of these, 25 patients were given the Med-O-Wheel Secure device, which has been developed to prevent the misuse of drugs. After a four-week study period, 88 percent of these patients tested negative in the drug screening test with regard to drugs not included in the study. After an eight-week study period, the figure was 84 percent and after 12 weeks, 64 percent. No patient in the control group tested negative at any point in the study.

“It’s a huge effect. It is a remarkable difference in outcomes,” says Doctor Nora Volkow (Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse). The achieved results are significant with regard to the treatment of patients, which speaks for the performance of the Addoz Med-O-Wheel Secure.

Summary of the original study:

Kaarlo Simojoki, Medical Director of A-Clinic Ltd and the A-Clinic Foundation, is aware of the research finding and believes that the study is a good indication of the new possibilities of technology in implementing treatment.

”We, too, have experience in the use of the Addoz drug dispenser, and it enabled more individualized treatment without compromising safety,” says Simojoki.

The pilot study was paid with a government grant. Currently, a wider use of Med-O-Wheel Secure in studies is planned in the United States. In Addition, Addoz Ltd’s retailer e-pill Medication Reminders (legal name e-pill, LLC) has launched the product for sale to the general public for its local customers in the United States and Canada.

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